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Non-Immigrant Visa

Temporary Visitors for Business and Temporary Visitors for Travel/Pleasure

A “Visitor” visa is a non-immigrant visa for persons desiring to enter into the United States temporarily for business, and for pleasure (touring) and for medical and health related treatments. Visitors are permitted to stay up to six months. Visitors are not aloud to accept employment during their stay as a non-immigrant. If a visitor decides to change their purpose of their stay, they should apply for a change from non-immigrant status once they are here to another immigrant status depending on their circumstance. There are special circumstances which may also arise while a vistor is within the United States which may warranty an extension while the visitor is already within the United States.

The available categories which the JKLAWUSA, APC is prepared to assist clients are:

  • B-1/B-2 – Temporary Visitor for business | Temproary Visotor for Pleasure
  • E-1/E-2 – Treaty Investors
  • F-1 & M-1 – Students
  • H-1B – Specialty Occupations
  • J-1 – Exchange Visitors
  • K-1/K-2 – Fiancée and Unmarried Children of a U.S. Citizen under the age of 21
  • K-3 / K-4 – Spouse and Unmarried Children of a U.S. Citizen under the age of 21
  • L-1 – Intracompany Transferee
  • O-1 – Extraordinary Person with the ability in the Arts/Sciences/Education/Business/ Athletics
  • P-1 – Athletes and Entertainers
  • R-1 – Religious Workers
  • TN – Trade Visa for Canadians and Mexicans
  • V-1 / V-2 – Spouse and minor children of a Lawful Premanent resident (green card holder) who is the principal beneficiary which was filed prior to 12-2001 and who’s case has been pending for a minimum of three years.